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Apple prepare 10 million iPad Mini tablets for Q4

Even though Apple have yet to officially announce the new iPad Mini it would appear they have prepared 10 million units for order in Q4 this year. The Wall Street Journal have said that the company have ordered so many by judging the orders from Asian component suppliers.

The WSJ add that the Apple order of 10 million units is around double the size of the Kindle Fire tablet order for the same quarter. The new iPad Mini will target the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7, both similar sizes.

Apple have yet to speak out about the upcoming iPad Mini, so the device has not been confirmed. The WSJ are normally solid with their reports however and the rumour mill is still rife with news of the upcoming mini tablet. So far the reports indicate a 7.85 inch screen, down from 9.7 inch on the ‘full sized' iPad currently available. The resolution will be the same as the previous version of the iPad (1024×768).

Kitguru says: The latest rumours from the Far East would point to an end of October release, allowing Apple to take some of the limelight away from the upcoming Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 launch.

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