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Apple, can we have the cheap iPad now? please?

I was shopping today for some Christmas presents and I have to pick up an iPad Mini for my girlfriend. It’s not an option. I think I have told you guys before that my girlfriend is a Macintosh fanatic. Its scary. Buying her something else for Christmas would cause problems …

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iPad Mini prices and configurations released

As with most Apple products, the upcoming ‘iPad Mini’ hype has been building now for months. The pricing and configuration information has apparently been leaked thanks to a consumer electronic’s giants inventory system. MobileGeeks published an inventory system screenshot which shows a total of 16 different memory and wirless configurations …

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Apple prepare 10 million iPad Mini tablets for Q4

Even though Apple have yet to officially announce the new iPad Mini it would appear they have prepared 10 million units for order in Q4 this year. The Wall Street Journal have said that the company have ordered so many by judging the orders from Asian component suppliers. The WSJ …

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Mini iPad will drive down competitor tablet prices

When Apple release their upcoming 7.8 inch ‘Mini iPad’, competitors will be forced to drop their prices to snag a percentage of the market. Industry rumours circulating in Taipei today have indicated that many companies will drop the prices of their tablets by up to 40%-50%. Apple will have a …

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Apple plan on breaking sub $350 point for iPad Mini

The rumor mill is rife with reports that Apple are going to release a smaller iPad later this year. This new ‘Mini’ iPad is reported to drop in size to 7.85 inches and the price point has been open to debate now for many weeks. Our sources in the Far …

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