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Apple plan on breaking sub $350 point for iPad Mini

The rumor mill is rife with reports that Apple are going to release a smaller iPad later this year. This new ‘Mini' iPad is reported to drop in size to 7.85 inches and the price point has been open to debate now for many weeks.

Our sources in the Far East indicate that Apple are aiming to break the sub $350 price point with at least one version of this upcoming tablet. They already have a plan for the latest models and the display is already sourced for mass production.

Apple not only want dominance in the high end, but they are aiming to control the sales of the popular lower cost models such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. Apple don't need to drop their prices to $199 to do this, as the public already buy their products, even with a price premium.

Our source, who wanted to remain unnamed said that they want to sell one of their upcoming Mini models for under $350, much less than the current iPad 3.

Kitguru says: Interested in a sub 8 inch, sub $350 tablet? Apple are hoping millions are.

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  1. People who buy these tabs cant afford the premium ones people who can afford it get a 10″ tablet, it wont sell

    Im guessing they’ll release this 7″ model and then claim that 7″ tablets were their idea and they try suing google, amazon etc