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Foxconn don’t give a Fffffffondle

An audit of Foxconn’s Chinese factories has led to ‘serious and pressing’ concerns regarding workers’ conditions. Despite numerous reports of the manufacturer’s lack of regard for worker safety, the factories have not yet seen anything ‘official’ criticise them.

Apple have also been heavily criticised for continuing to have the millions of gropephones and fondleslabs made by the manufacturer without stepping in. The audit, undertaken by the Fair Labor Association, highlights excessive work hours, unpaid overtime, poor health and safety alongside a dictatorial management ethic as just some of its failings.

In 2010, it was reported that several suicides by workers at one Foxconn plant were attributed to the work conditions they endured. Six months later, an explosion killed three workers. Last year, the threat of a mass suicide attempt by over 100 workers was allegedly met with the management installing a net around the building, rather than address employees’ concerns over work conditions.

The report has found 43% of workers at the three audited plants have experienced or witnessed an accident, 46% said they are expected to work at least 70 hours per week, 21 more than the Chinese maximum including overtime, and two-thirds said their take-home pay was less than their minimum requirements.

Kitguru says: next time you drool at a shiny-white Jobs-box, check for blood first.

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