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Foxton customers compromised, hackers leak details of 10,000 users

Foxtons are currently reeling from an apparent hack attack. The list of 10,000 account holders was leaked anonymously on Pastebin, a website often associated with leaked information earlier this week. PCPro said it was removed afterwards. The list of names and partially hidden passwords and email addresses is still available elsewhere however.

Foxton’s emailed their customer base, saying “It has come to our attention that there were some reports circulating on the internet today suggesting that a small number of user names and passwords to the MyFoxtons web portal were briefly posted to a website. We have been able to download the list of usernames and passwords that were posted and are currently running checks to determine its veracity.”

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Foxton’s hasn’t yet confirmed how many users are affected in the breach, concerns have been raised as the leaked list is labelled ‘part one’. When a customer registers they also have to enter in a home address and contact number, although there is no indication that this is part of the data which has been compromised.

Foxton were keen to point out that financial information could not have been taken as those details are held with a third party company . Foxton are already recommending that users change their passwords next time they log in.

Kitguru says: Best changing your log in details immediately if you are a customer of the company.

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