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German court rules Xbox 360 to be pulled from retail channel

A German court has ruled in favour of Motorola, claiming that Microsoft have infringed two patents which are owned by Motorola.

The German state court in Mannheim have upheld the Motorola complaint on patent ruling and have said that Microsoft are now liable for damages. No amount of money has yet been made public.

Furthermore Microsoft have been ordered to remove all products from the German market which infringe on these patents which include the Xbox 360 console and the Windows 7 Operating System.

The verdict will become effective in 7 days time unless either party appeals the decision. Thomas Baumgaertner, a Microsoft spokesman has said that they plan on fighting the decision.

Microsoft and Apple previously filed a complaint against Motorola, claiming that they were overcharging for the licensing of their patents.

Kitguru says: Appealing these decisions in Germany has not proven successful in recent cases.

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