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Google are the coolest but Microsoft not so stuffy

Microsoft are getting ‘cool’ again, according to a poll on Reuters/Ipsos although they fall behind Google who were voted as the coolest company.

The polling organisation asked America’s 18 to 29 year old’s to vote for the coolest tech brands. Around half of them answered Microsoft, which surprised everyone. It would appear that the Surface tablet and Windows Phone 8 are getting the company back on track with the youth of today.

Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO. He might not be considered cool, but his company are becoming more popular with the younger audience.

Reuters quote one of the participants, Josh Johnson, a 24 year old media arts student in the University of South Carolina as to why he feels Microsoft are doing so well recently. He said “I know Apple is the cool, hip brand right now, but if Microsoft keeps coming out with new tech I’m sure it’ll be back soon.” Steve Ballmer would be happy, especially after Bill Gates recent comments.

While Microsoft are making strides to attract the kids of today, 60 percent of the kids think Apple is cooler than it was a few years ago. Google however did even better, with 7 out of 10 of the 4,798 people giving them a recommendation. This has obviously been helped by the success of Google Android powered smartphones and laptops.

Kitguru says: Microsoft cool? whatever next?

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