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Scuddy, folding scooter capable of 25 miles @ 22 mph

We love our gadgets and nothing is more exciting than a new, portable vehicle that can get us from A to B faster, without taking up a lot of space. Enter the new ‘Scuddy’ scooter, a German made electric scooter that can fold up to carry, can let the rider sit or stand and can travel long distances without a recharge.

The Scuddy is a stand up scooter and while it doesn’t look to be quite as small as some of the folding scooters we have seen recently it can be folded two ways. One way is into a trolley, meaning you can put the scooter on the wheels, allowing a backpack or suitcase to be placed on top for traveling. If this is too big, then it can fold further into a smaller box shape, meaning it takes up less space in a car or train.

The Scuddy is fitted with a 2 horsepower motor which supports a distance up to 25 miles at speeds up to 22 mph. The battery is rechargeable and can charge to full in around 4 hours with a standard charger and only one hour with the more expensive fast charger. The company are claiming it has a ‘regenerative’ braking system to help keep the battery going as long as possible.

The ingenious design is based around two 12.5 inch wheels with a smaller 10 inch wheel at the back, which also features suspension. There is also a seat post, meaning the scooter can be ridden either standing up or sitting down.

Other accessories include front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, an LED headlight and tail light.

There are two versions, the cheaper City version has a 12.5mph top speed and has a retail price of €2,999. The Sport version will hit 22mph and will cost €3,499.

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