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Hacking scandal originating from China group

A group that is affiliated with the Chinese military has stolen huge amounts of data from many companies and organisations, primarily those based in America. The report was released today by a security firm.

Mandiant Corp has said in their 74 page report that a group associated with the China People’s Liberation Army has stolen data from 141 companies, 115 of which are based in America. Mandiant haven’t named specific targets of the attacks but they have said that they spanned industries from information technology to telecommunications and aerospace and energy.

Chinese officials have disputed allegations that Beijing have been involved in hacking and have said that China is actually often a victim of hacking.

Mandiant have said they believe the group behind the hacking is Unit 61398, within a wing of the People’s Liberation Army. They claim they have observed hacking attempts against around 150 victims more than seven years.  They pinpointed their facilities in Shanghai’s Pudong district.

The report has highlighted that blueprints, details on proprietary processes, contact lists and pricing documents have been stolen.

Kitguru says: One of their reports details a theft of more than 6.5 terabytes of compressed data from a single organisation across 10 months.

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