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Possible Weibo max-exodus is brewing

Twitter could be set to get a big influx of users in the coming few weeks, as Ex-Google China head, Lee Kai-fu, has called for his 30 million+ followers on the Chinese social networking site Weibo, to do so again on his Twitter account, after he was banned from the former.

“I’ve been silenced on Sina and Tencent for three days, so everyone can come here to find me,” he wrote on his Twitter account. While Mr Lee hasn’t tweeted much in the past couple of years, he has already reached the one million follower mark.

While it seems unlikely that all 30 million Weibo users will jump ship and follow him, if even half of that number did, it would make him one of the most followed in the world.

Lee Kai-Fut
If he doesn't get at least 10 million, I'm starting #cutforlee

It may be difficult for some Chinese internet users to access Twitter though, since it is technically blocked within the country. However, with our own experience of Pirate Bay blocks, we know how easy they can be to circumvent.

Mr Lee worked for Google between 2005 and 2009, having previously tenured at Microsoft. He now operates a popular personal block and is active in encouraging young Chinese people to achieve their goals.

KitGuru Says: Mr Lee sounds like a much more worthwhile role model than any of the other 10+ million followed people on Twitter.

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