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Hewlett Packard has new plans for WebOS

Hewlett Packard have been in the news this year for all the wrong reasons. After their botched release of the TouchPad tablet, which ended up on sale at rock bottom prices it appears they have had a change of heart in regards to WebOS.

Chief Officer Meg Whitman has verified that the company will be using the operating system with some upcoming devices. Hewlett Packard purchased Palm last year and are now planning to release the software as an open source program, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Whitman has said in two separate interviews now that HP would continue to develop hardware, including tablets for the WEBOS platform.

Before Whitman took over as CEO, previous leader Leo Apotheker said that HP were pulling out of smartphone and TouchPad development and were even looking at backing out of the computer sector. This move didn’t prove popular with the board, and he was asked to leave, replacing him with Whitman.

Kitguru says: This has certainly caused analysts to shake their heads in confusion, especially as Hewlett Packard lost many millions with the Touchpad and the apparent ‘death’ of the WebOS platform.

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