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How productive are Apple Store employees?

No company is analysed and stripped apart more than Apple, and this latest report from ASYMCO is slightly bizarre yet fascinating.

According to the correlated information the Apple stores generate over $100k per employee, every quarter. In 2010 the revenue was $481,000 per employee. This year this has increased to $320k, up to, and including Q3. The publication makes comparisons with JC Penney who generate around $124k of revenue per year, per staff member.

In other information, every visit to an Apple store generates $45, this is gathered from 250 million visits per year and 222 million of this is generated from Q1 to Q3.

The report adds that if an employee works for 360 hours per quarter then they see 6 visitors per hour, or one every 10 minutes.

If you want to check out the report in more detail, then head over here.

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