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How To Stop The Drugs Trade The Columbian Way

In the world economy Cocaine ranks amongst one of the highest grossing commodities at approx $78 billion a year, and even thought it’s not traded on the stock exchange, it sure as hell used there!

So how do you stop an economy that’s so large it could pay most 3rd world debts in a year? More police? Tighter boarder controls? Lock up all the dealers?

The solution seems a simple one. If you can stop the farmers growing the coca leaf in the first place, you will reduce global supplies. With us so far? The idea is a sound one. Less leafs equals less coca. It seems simple maths. So how do you go about reducing the production?

Well one politician in Columbia thinks he’s come up with the answer! He has proposed a bill to decriminalise the cultivation of the coca plant believing that be decriminalising the growing it will encourage the farmers to grow other crops.

The bill was introduced by Liberal Party Congressman Hugo Velasquez who just happens to be the Congressman for the province of Meta. One of the countries largest coca growing states.

Kitguru say: Were confused! To stop people grown the leaf Columbia are going to make it easier? What next, free aeroplanes to remove all the unwanted cocaine to America?

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