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Intel will launch Internet TV business this year

Intel have said that they will be releasing a set top box which will bring programming and other services into the home. The processor giant is continuing to try other markets for expansion.

Intel are planning to bring a set top box which will enable the consumer to bring TV shows, on demand content and other internet services directly to their television set. Erik Huggers, head of Intel’s new Media unit spoke out publicly about the move.

He said at the AllThingsD conference that the Internet set-top box will launch later this year to compete against the standard cable and satellite TV companies. Intel want to bring a ‘better viewing experience’ to the consumer.

The Wall Street Journal reported that he said “I think we can bring an incredible experience.”

Intel are wanting to drop their reliance on the desktop PC market, especially as sales slow as the popularity of mobile phones and tablets expand. Intel are also trying to expand into networking and storage.

Huggers said “Intel is very interested in getting into the consumer businesses. We’ve taken a leap of faith that the time is here.” He added that Intel have hired people from companies such as Google, Apple and Netflix to work on the project, bringing in experienced talent.

Intel had been expected to unveil the project during the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas but the announcement was delayed. The reason was apparently due to licensing issues from some content producers.

Huggers declined to comment on the content that will be immediately available when the service starts, including the partners that Intel will be working with. He said they were partnering with programmers at this stage.

The new machines will obviously be powered by Intel processors and a focus will be placed on the user interface.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the Intel set top box will have a camera onboard which can be used to verify the user. The camera can also be used to enable users to watch programming with people in other locations.

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