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Apple iWatch could be used as smartphone ‘support’ tool

The inside murmurings of Apple’s iWatch just won’t vanish. Kitguru spoke with an insider in Taipei last night close to Apple who requested to remain nameless.

Our source claimed that the recent reports on the ‘iWatch’ are based on Apple insider information which has leaked. The ‘iWatch’ name however may change before Apple bring it to fruition.

Many people have been asking why Apple would want to release a watch however apparently it has been the brainchild of Tim Cook’s development team for some time. Apart from telling the time, one of the main purposes of releasing such a device would be to support Apple iPhone functionality.

We have heard that Apple may be planning to link in the ‘iWatch’ with the iPhone so it can get caller ID information and other details. This means you could check who is calling by simply looking at your wrist. If you want to take the call you take the phone out of your pocket and answer it. Otherwise you can call the person back later.

There is also the possibility that the watch could be linked to an active program running on the iPhone and offer control over the application, like a remote – but with the iwatch screen displaying the content. This means you could use the mapping feature or adjust media playback via buttons on the watch. An onboard speaker could connect via SIRI to speak out directions for instance.

Apple may also utilise the device as a potential remote controller for Apple TV and to be used to locate a lost, connected iPhone.

Kitguru says: Could this be a really useful little device for many Apple customers?

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