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Microsoft grab Xbox 8 domains, stirring rumours

Microsoft have been buying some domain names, stirring interest amongst publications who are determined the find out the name of the upcoming Xbox 360 replacement. For a while Xbox 720 and Durango have been thrown about as a potential name for the next generation console, however journalists are now pondering the names ‘Xbox 8' or even ‘Xbox Infinity'.

The online social networking site Twitter is very active with the name debates today.

Microsoft snapped up the rights for Xbox8.org and Xbox8.us. The news hit when Fusible.com reported that those domains were turned over by the National Arbitration Forum to Microsoft after being held by a Chinese cybersquatter.

The legal organisation ruled in favour of Microsoft in two decisions, which you can read here and here.

Microsoft also managed to acquire xboxcompanion.com, xboxlivetv.com, xboxphone.com and xboxtablet.com.

This news comes after the previous discussion only a few weeks ago when ‘secret' documents were released outlining Microsoft's plans for a new Xbox (at this stage it was the Xbox 720). Technically they said it was six to eight times more powerful than the current Xbox 360, with support for virtual reality glasses.

Well known gaming site Kotaku spoke to Microsoft about the latest news and a spokesperson said “Microsoft often acquires various domain names as part of its ongoing business strategy, but beyond that we have no comment.”

Kitguru says: Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Xbox Infinity. Which do you like best?

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