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Microsoft hit with $1.07 billion fine from European Union

Microsoft have been hit hard by the European Union, after a 14 year struggle between the operating software giant and the continent's regulators of fair business.

The judges have apparently reduced fines from $1.11 billion to $1.07 billion because the European Commission had miscalculated the total.

While the fine was reduced, the judges ignored all arguments made by Microsoft and they rejected a plea to annul the fine, according to the New York Times. The fine was imposed in 2008 due to a 10 year battle over company strategy in using the Windows operating system to stifle competition in the market.

Microsoft allegedly wouldn't give Sun Microsystems technical information to allow the Sun Microsystem's server to communicate with the Windows Operating System. The EU then decided to investigate whether Microsoft used their power and influence in the software business to corner markets, including internet browser software and server software.

Opera Software ASA also alleged that Microsoft abused their market position by creating an environment in which software was dependent on Microsoft programs.

Kitguru says: European regulators, unlike those in America, are able to fine a company as well as forcing them to change their business practices without a judges permission.

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