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Kingston drops 128GB SSD to £59.98 with Dabs

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, another offer coms along and blows you away. Today sees the first 3rd generation SSD drive from a major manufacturer to go below £60. KitGuru wonders how much lower it can get.

It was the SanDisk second generation SSD drive dropping to £69 that kicked the whole war off – and now we're seeing another barrier being smashed.

From the technology-buyer's point of view, it's a little like watching the world speed records being set in the 50s and 60s. Just when you think that no one can possibly go past the speed of sound, then in the blink of an eye we have pilots hitting over 1,000 mph.

Kingston are working with DABS on bringing you the excellent 128GB SSDNow V200 drive for a staggering £59.98 inc vat! You can grab one yourself, strictly while stocks last, over here.

However, it's not clear that price can fall indefinitely.

What we're seeing now is the result of memory production improvements and market challenges.

At a very fundamental level, the actual casing, controller, packaging, shipping and the underlying memory – all have ‘real costs' that can't be reduced indefinitely.

KitGuru says: We have no idea how long this kind of deal will last. Indeed, prices may go back up next week or next month. But, for now, those looking for a 128GB SSD for less than £60, know where to go.

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