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YOYOTech drops 5GHz system price by £250

It's official, we're into March madness silly season. Following the 4K monitor price moves by Dell and Samsung, we're now hearing about a strong move on the price of 5GHz systems over at YOYOTech. KitGuru digs out the dirty details and comes to an intriguing conclusion. There's no point in …

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Blackberry buyout collapses, but it’s cool

Blackberry is no longer set to be sold to its main shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings as part of a massive $4.7 billion deal and is instead pushing to raise over a billion dollars in capital to help it continue operations as is. With an ailing business and over a billion …

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Crucial unloads 960GB SSD at just £449

Megatron would be proud. While mere mortals scratch around trying to make 60/120GB SSD drives last for the lifetime of their system, those armed with 240GB and above have managed to look suitably smug. Until now. KitGuru pulls out the trusty abacus to see exactly how many NAND gates have …

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Is the AMD FX 6300 the best CPU under £100?

With so much emphasis on Intel's amazing ‘k' series chips, it's easy to lose track of the fact that most systems sold in the USA and Western Europe, actually use something that costs far less. The latest offer from Aria has drawn our attention to an interesting question, “What is …

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OCZ dives deep to offer 240GB Vertex at £89

It's a bit like tasting porridge. For a desktop user, 60GB is not right and even though a 120GB boot drive can give you joy – it's not quite perfect. The size that makes you lick the bowl clean and head upstairs to test the beds is definitely 240GB. OCZ …

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