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OCZ dives deep to offer 240GB Vertex at £89

It’s a bit like tasting porridge. For a desktop user, 60GB is not right and even though a 120GB boot drive can give you joy – it’s not quite perfect. The size that makes you lick the bowl clean and head upstairs to test the beds is definitely 240GB. OCZ have been working with eBuyer and the result looks like a sweet dream to KitGuru.

While the Vertex 2 has been superseded by the Vertex 3 and 4, it’s still a very good drive. When KitGuru tested its 100GB younger brother back in June 2010, it more than stood its ground against the Intel, Kingston and Corsair drives in its class.

One of the places where you notice adding an SSD most is in overall system responsiveness. For example, booting a desktop into Windows 7 with a 1TB Western Digital drive takes around 68 seconds – but the OCZ Vertex 2 will be up and running in less than half that time – at around 29 seconds.

At launch, the 100GB Vertex 2 was almost £250.

Now, eBuyer has the 240GB drive in at just £89.

That’s an additional 20% off an already low price. Nice.

240GB is a great size to build your desktop system around - just add data/back-up drives and you're good to go

KitGuru says: Hard to argue with that price point, as 240GB offers a perfect drive size for most system builds – especially when coupled with a pair of 3TB 7,200rpm data/backup drives in a desktop.

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