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Nintendo struggle – will release supersized 3DS

Nintendo have upgraded the 3DS handheld to include a screen almost twice as big as the current model. Analysts feel that the screen size increase is to help Nintendo counter the rising sales from smartphones and tablets.

The Nintendo 3DS LL (XL in some markets) will go on sale in Japan and Europe on July 28th. America will get the new handheld from August 19th. There is no pricing information yet for Europe but it will go on sale at $199.99 in the U.S.

The 3DS screens are currently 3.53 inches and 3.02 inches and the new XL/LL version will sport 4.88 and 4.18 inch panels, according to reports.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said in a video on the companies website ‘There were demands for a bigger screen, and so we are ready to respond with a size-variation model, You can enjoy powerful 3D imagery.”

The new console will be larger but battery life has apparently been improved slightly.

Nintendo are facing rivalry from the smartphone and tablet market, particularly Apple's iOS platform.

Nintendo have sold 17 million 3DS consoles worldwide to this point.

Kitguru says: Nintendo face a tough year ahead. This may help drive more sales.

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