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‘Sleek’ a Wi-Fi enabled voice activated internet assistant

Sleek is a new Wi-Fi voice activated assistant for the home. It is always connected to the internet and is said to replace the smartphone or PC as a controller and assistant device. We aren’t so sure it will ever take off, but the concept is certainly worth looking at.

Los Angeles based Ivee say the ‘Sleek’ has a myriad of uses in the modern internet connected home, bringing a Siri style interface to keep control of home connected devices, such as smart locks, smart plugs and smart lights. The device is powered by the AT&T Speech API voice recognition software. Sleek will also connect you to the internet and you can ask questions about everyday things, such as the weather, local movie showings and the stock market. Without a keyboard or mouse at hand it should be more transparent.

The Sleek can also be used as a personal assistant – alerting you to meetings or basic daily tasks, set an alarm and play an integrated radio on command. All of this is also controlled by voice. The company say the product will constantly be evolving with updates, with services being updated and added over time. The company have also opened the voice platform up to developers.

Inside the Sleek is an ARM9 400mhz processor with 128MB of memory. There is 256MB of flash storage offered and embedded Linux software to control it all. The device is WiFi enabled with 802.11g/g support.

It interacts with the user via a 45mm speaker and dual beam microphones which have a listening range between 10 ft and 15 ft. You would need to be in the same room to use the device although with the built in rechargeable battery it can be moved from room to room, if the demand arises.

Ivee are funding the product via Kickstarter and so far it is doing well, already passing the $40,000 pledge (by $20,000) it needed to progress further. You can get more information about the product here, and it is said to start shipping in October.

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