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Sony announces Playstation 4 release dates

Sony have announced their intended release dates for the next generation Playstation 4 console. The dates are set at 15th November in North America and 29th November in Europe.

The Xbox One will go on sale in the same month, although some countries will now have to wait until 2014 to order one locally. Some people say that Microsoft have the edge as the Playstation 4 will lack an exclusive AAA title on launch day.

Sony have said they have one million pre-orders of the Playstation 4 worldwide. They said that a total of 32 countries will be able to buy the console on launch day, before the holiday season, end of the year. Interesting news surfaced recently that Sony will be re-releasing famous title ‘Shadow Of The Beast’ as an exclusive PS4 title. This will be a redesign of the Commodore Amiga title from the 1980’s.

Sony have also dropped the price of their VITA handheld console to $199, a $50 reduction. They also said they will drop the price of their memory cards, which has been long overdue. Cuts are also being made in Europe, with the Vita available for around £170 with bundled games. Sales have been below par in the last year for the Sony handheld.

Kitguru says: Already got your Playstation 4 ordered? You may have a problem getting one now for launch day as Amazon have said that orders placed in August or later may not reach customers for launch day.

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