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Sony tease Playstation 4 details at event

Sony have sent out invitations to journalists for a 20th February conference on ‘the future of Playstation'. This may mean a detailed announcement on the next generation Playstation 4 console.

The news has caused much debate online on many blog sites. Gamers have been wanting an upgrade for the Playstation 3 now for some time as the hardware is very dated.

Sony have yet to say exactly what will be detailed at the conference, but they spoke to Reuters news agency and said “We will be talking about the PlayStation business.”  A rather sweeping, vague statement.

Sony are expected to detail the Playstation 4 on some level, hopefully focusing on the hardware specifications and how this will improve the gamers experience. Nintendo released the Wii U console before Christmas and Microsoft are expected to follow soon with their next generation XBOX.

In January 2011 Sony showed their PS Vita console and in early 2005 they revealed a concept version of the Playstation 3. These conference meetings are often used to highlight the new hardware.

The Vita is not proving a huge success for Sony as sales are said to be slowing down, out performed by some of the Nintendo devices. Additionally the Vita is having a hard time dealing with ‘casual gamers' who prefer iOS and Android tablets.

Kitguru says: Many people are waiting on the confirmed Playstation 4 specifications.

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