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Tesco’s Brand Users aren’t the brightest

Rob Salter Category Director of entertainment at Tesco’s claims that the new Ultra Violet digital system is just too complicated for the average customer.

The comment was made during a debate at the Future of Entertainment Summit in London, where Salter implied that Tesco customer’s would not be able to get their head around the idea. He told his delegates that for the time being, Tesco would continue to concentrate on its existing ‘digital extra' service.

Tesco's: not confident in the technical capabilities of their user base.

Ultra Violet is a could-based movie library backed by almost every major player in Hollywood. The idea is that all your content is held in the cloud and you are able to access your files from any device anywhere in the world.

UV offer a simple process. Sign up for an account. Every time you purchase a new compatible Blu-ray you can add the UV code to your account and the movie becomes instantly available to you through your account. This process means that you don’t have to go through the complicated process of lengthy uploads. The service also allows you to download the content to any device for viewing where internet connections might not be available.

Kitguru Says: Maybe Tesco’s should supply opening instructions with Bananas if they think that UV is complicated.

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