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Star attacks nearby planet with destructive X-rays

NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory has been the source of some fascinating reports in recent months, and the latest is proof enough to make the hairs on your arms stand on end. They have found that a star, close to an alien planet is sending out mega powerful X-Rays – 100,000 times more powerful than those received by the Earth, due to the Sun.

This X-Ray radiation is causing 5 million tons of matter, direct from the victim planet to be blasted into space, every second.

Sebastian Schroeter, who works in the Univeristy of Hamburg in Germany issued a statement saying “This planet is being absolutely fried by its star, What may be even stranger is that this planet may be affecting the behavior of the star that is blasting it.”

This graphic contains an image (left) and illustration (right) showing a nearby star named CoRoT-2a and an orbiting planet known as CoRoT-2b. The image depicts X-rays detected by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory (in purple) of CoRoT-2a along with optical and infrared data of the field of view in which it is found. CoRoT-2b, which is not seen in this image, orbits extremely closely to the star. In fact, the separation between the star and planet is only about 3 percent of the distance between Earth and the sun. The Chandra data indicate that the planet is being blasted by X-rays with such intensity that some 5 million tons of material are being eroded from the planet every second. (text courtesy of msnbc.com./image courtesy of NASA)

The star is around 880 light years from Earth and is known as Corot-2a. According to data, the star is between 100 and 300 million years old, indicating a ‘fully formed' status. Chandra literature suggests that this star is very active and the activity reported is generally found in much younger stars.

Kitguru says: We are such an infinitely small part of the universe.

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