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Survey shows faith in Apple still strong, after Steve Jobs resigns

This really won't come as much of a shock to many, but ChangeWave Research have issued a report on the demand for Apple products, since iconic leader Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of the company.

The survey, taken from September 6-12 this year targeted 2,297 consumers. Only 4 percent of those people say that Steve Jobs resignation as CEO makes them ‘less likely to buy Apple products in the future'. 89 percent said that it makes no difference to them on purchasing Apple Products.

We find the study is a little surreal, because in our view it is much too soon to be making decisions on the product range, when it really hasn't changed at all since Jobs left. His impact on the company won't be felt for some time, and we will see if the new, upcoming range of products in the next 2-5 years will maintain the record sales figures.

That said, according to reports, when a selected group of people were asked about faith in Apple, in 2008 almost one in five people claimed they would be less likely to buy Apple products if Jobs wasn't the leader. This translated to 18 percent.

It appears that a larger percentage of people now feel that Apple ‘can stand on their own feet' without Jobs running the show.

Kitguru says: We will find this research much more interesting in 5 years time as the potential ramifications of Jobs departure may be more fully felt.

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