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Would you like a holiday on the Moon?

Is a trip to the Bahamas no longer exciting enough? Then perhaps a more exotic destination such as the Moon might be more appealing? It may sound far fetched but it already being planned. Only the rich and wealthy need apply.

They released new guidelines this summer which are set to protect ‘lunar landing sites' and artifacts. They call for a 1,200 acre no fly zone around the initial landing site by Apollo 11 and the last one by Apollo 17. Under these guidelines tourists could only walk within 82 yards of the Apollo landing site where Neil Armstrong walked in 1969.

NASA has started to get questions from almost two dozen teams who are competiting for the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize for the ‘first privately funded teams to safely land a robot on the surface of the Moon'.

Would you like to experience this view?

This has brought up some questions regarding the future landing of privately funded spaceships. Part of the prize involves driving a robot rover about a third of a mile on the moon. NASA's Robert Kelso of the Johnson Space Center in Houston said “This really is unprecedented, We went looking at NASA for guidelines on this (preservation effort), and we really didn’t have anything.”

There are also concerns regarding taking back materials found on the Moon. Beth O'Leary of the New Mexico State University in Las Cruces said “Looting, that would be pretty bad. I put landing people on the moon up there with creating fire as a technological achievement.”

Kitguru says: Many people would love to travel to the Moon. The cost to travel would be very high, so only the rich may get to enjoy a trip, but for how long?

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