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Steve Jobs Biography breaking sales records in USA

With the death of iconic Apple leader Steve Jobs, the biography of his life by Walter Isaacson entitled ‘Steve Jobs’ is the top selling book in America. It has sold 380,000 copies in the US during the first week of sale, becoming the biggest seller since the debut of George W. Bush’s ‘Decision Points’.

According to the Nielsen BookScan report, it is already the 18th bestselling book of the year, just with the first week of sales.

The biography has received a lot of attention, due to the fact that it was written based on interviews held directly with the man himself, the first time a book of this kind has ever been released to the public. Thanks to the public fixation on the enigmatic technology leader, the sales have surpassed even analyst predictions.

In the UK it can be bought for less than half price from the Amazon store, £1 cheaper in hardback format than the £12.99 Kindle download.

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  • eileen

    I started reading it a few days ago, its really well written. worth a look at the price on Amazon in UK