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Sony’s CEO Stringer may step down

According to insider news, Sony Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer may step down, passing the leadership to a new, fresh successor. The New York Post say they have received information on the subject claiming ‘sources close to the situation'.

Howard Stringer has had one of the worst years he could have imagined, with Sony falling victim to many security breaches and server attacks from high profile hacking groups Anonymous and Lulzsec. Sony have yet to make any statement on the possibility of Stringer's departure but we can imagine that one of the main candidates would be Kazuo Hirai, the executive deputy president.

Stringer has also had to deal with the Japan earthquake and tsunami, as well as the cyber attacks on company servers throughout the world. There were rumors that Stringer would have to step down earlier this year, but he refused to do so, accepting a 16 percent pay cut instead, reducing his earnings to ‘only' $4.3 million. A huge number to most people, but actually one of the smallest deals for any corporation chief in this sector.

Kitguru says: Sony are saying they expect to lose $1.2 billion this fiscal year, after initially predicting a profit.

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