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Amazon allow ‘opt out’ advertising on Kindle Fire devices

Many people aren’t too happy with forced ‘advertisements’ on the Kindle devices and Amazon have said that customers can pay extra to opt out.

For $15 extra in America, customers can avoid viewing the ads that will be presented on the devices at random intervals. The announcement is set to stop the raft of complaints that the company have received since it was announced. Amazon say the advertisements help offset the low prices of the new Kindle tablet computers.

Amazon have been facing a backlash on forums from consumers who said they were very unhappy about being forced to view advertisements on their new Kindle Fire handhelds.

Amazon said in a statement “We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out. We’re happy to offer customers the choice.”

The ads will appear on the lock screen display and on some of the screen savers. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said that the low prices of their Kindle Fire tablets may mean they can just about ‘break even’, or even lose a little money on each sale. They said they will recoup some of the money through the sales of software via their online store.

Kitguru says: would you pay extra to opt out of forced advertising?

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