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John McAfee will be released from jail, says lawyer

A Guatemalan judge has said that John McAfee will be released from a detention center, according to McAfee’s lawyer. Judith Secaida, the judge has said that McAfee’s detention was illegal.

Attorney Telesforo Guerra has added that the judge will be giving McAfee ten days to straighten out his immigration status. The ruling has yet to be confirmed.

Guerra has said that his client will be released on Thursday or Friday and has indicated that he may return to America immediately. McAfee has already said in a live video stream that he wants to go home, opting to spend his ‘declining years’ in peace.

Guerra said in a phone interview “It’s a victory because the government wanted to send him back to Belize. With this kind of resolution, they cannot do it.”

The LA Times added “Guerra said that according to Guatemalan law, someone entering illegally has the right to 10 days to establish immigration status. “There is no crime in coming without any visa. If there’s not any crime, the immigration office has to release him.”

He was arrested last week after officials said he’d entered the country illegally, in an attempt to dodge Belize police who named him a “person of interest” in the fatal shooting of his neighbor, American businessman Gregory Faull. McAfee has become something of a self-styled fugitive (no warrant has been issued against him in Belize) ever since Faull was found face-up in a pool of blood in November.”

Belize police say they only want to question McAfee, but McAfee has said he fears for his live if captured by them. McAfee told Sky News on Tuesday that he was ‘100 percent certain’ he would be released in 24 hours.

McAfee has really maximised his exposure throughout this ordeal, blogging as he moves locations and updating everyone with this feelings and status. There are now reports that his life will be made into a movie.

Kitguru says: A fascinating adventure for the software legend, but will it end if he gets back to America?

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