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47% of American public interested in Apple TV, even at 20% premium

The latest research by AlphaWise and Morgan Stanley shows that a high percentage of consumers are interested in an Apple Branded Television, and they are willing to pay a ’20 percent premium’ over current sets for pride of ownership.

1,568 people were polled in America. The research shows that only 18 percent of homes have a ‘smart TV’ while 13 percent of those polled didn’t know if their TV was considered ‘smart’.

Analyst Katy Huberty said “Smart TVs currently available on the market do not offer easy-to-use software to integrate Internet content into users’ TV experience.”

Apple Insider say “Based on this, she believes that the survey shows Apple has a strong opportunity to disrupt the TV market, similar to how the iPhone made Internet consumption via a handset relevant.

The survey found that 11 percent of respondents said they would be “extremely interested” in purchasing a so-called “iTV” from Apple, while 36 percent said they are “somewhat interested.” The name was used in the survey to avoid confusion with the current Apple TV set-top box.”

The fact that 47 percent said they are “interested” in an Apple television has made Huberty particularly bullish on the prospect of such a device. She noted that 23 percent of consumers said they were interested in purchasing an iPhone in a February 2007 survey, while 21 percent of respondents said they wanted to buy an iPad in April of 2010.

With 11 percent “extremely interested” in an Apple television, that would translate to over 13 million potential units sold in the U.S. And another 36 percent “somewhat interested” would be an incremental 43 million units.

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Kitguru says: It seems like a small research group of people to question, but still the results are interesting and very positive for Apple.

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