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Key Apple app developers ignoring Microsoft Surface

Microsoft have a lot riding on the success of their Surface tablet. They have spent more than $1.5 billion in marketing the Windows 8 operating system, which plays an integral part of the Surface experience. My colleague Carl seems in love with the Surface so they are clearly doing something right.

Microsoft may face difficulties however in getting the best application developers active on the platform. According to reports, the most important developers have yet to adopt their programs for the platform.

Marci McCue, the head of marketing for Flipboard said “It’s the exact same challenge that happened with Android and Google Play. It’s a new type of user and you really have to think about the way [the device] is used.”

According to adage.com – Flipboard ignored the approach of Microsoft for development of their software instead focusing on new versions of their iOS and Android programs.

Microsoft are currently offering a high revenue split for developers. Apple and Google take 30 percent of all money earned from apps sold in their stores. Microsoft offer the same 30-70 split, until the company earns $25,000 in revenue from the Windows App Store. After this point the developers get to keep 80% of app revenue.

Microsoft made a statement that their store offers ‘quality’ software, hinting that other stores have a wide range of ‘crapware’ available. Having spent some time on the Apple Store browsing programs, I will not argue that point. That said, surely it is only a matter of time before developers enter into the world of Windows 8.

Kitguru says: Based on history it will take some time for this situation to change for Microsoft.

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