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Lulzsec post details of 62,000 hacked accounts online

It seems we can’t go a day without mentioning Lulzsec, as the proficient hacking group continue to compromise websites and online businesses.

Yesterday they posted the information of 62,000 hacked email accounts and the information relating to passwords makes for some interesting reading indeed.

Looking through the list last night we noticed at the password ‘123456’ was one of the most common with 568 people deciding it was a great way to protect their account. This was followed up by ‘123456789’ with 185 people using it. There is a common joke that people use ‘password’ as their password, but incredibly there were actually 135 people who used it. Hard to believe, but true.

It also seems that the modern day female fixation with pale skinned ‘boy band’ style vampires is a password choice, with 40 people using the term ‘vampire’ or ‘vamp’ to protect their accounts. 69 people called themselves ‘king’ and 85 called themselves ‘queen’.

135 people used the term ‘sex’ in their password and ‘romance’ was used 88 times. The list was available for download yesterday from mediafire, as Lulzsec decided to share all the information in a 2 meg text file, but it has since been removed.

No one is yet fully aware of where the account information came from, but many have said that they maybe associated with ebay and paypal accounts. Which is not a good sign, if true.

Kitguru says: We suggest that everyone just change all their passwords today, to be extra safe.

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