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Microsoft claim Kinect sales will ‘blow away’ iPad

It is difficult for Microsoft executives not to mention Apple when it comes to achieving sales goals and once again they target the iPad as being the product to beat.

Microsoft Game Studio manager Kudo Tsunda has said in a recent interview with Gamasutra that Kinetic is going to break all records “The preorders have been really strong. As far as what we’re looking at for Holiday, this is going to be stuff that’ll blow away any of the sales you’ve seen with iPad. I think we’re just getting back to a style of gameplay that includes more people and still has the depth of gameplay everybody loves.”

No its not a subwoofer - this is Microsoft's Kinetic

Originally known as Project Natal, Kinect will launch in North America on November the 4th. Apple sold over 1 million iPads in 28 days and over 3 million in the first quarter. Current iPad production is currently estimated to be around 2 million units per month and Apple hope to push production to 3 million a month by the end of the year, to meet the steady demand. If Kinect can beat this, then Microsoft are onto a winner, no doubt about it. But can they? that is the million dollar question. Kinect is a very ‘different’ device when compared with the iPad.

KitGuru says: Microsoft blowing more hot air or will sales exceed the iPad?

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