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PC sales drop worldwide – Ultrabook sales ‘little impact’

Worldwide computer sales have dropped by 0.1% from the second quarter a year previously. The total sales were 87.5 million in Q2 according to Gartner research.

Hewlett Packard are still the No 1 PC vendor worldwide, with 14.9% total share of the market. Lenovo claimed 14.7% which is a healthy result for the Thinkpad manufacturer. Acer claim third spot with 11%.

Intel’s Ultrabook is still failing to ignite consumer interest and Gartner say that despite high expectations, they had ‘little impact on overall shipment growth’.

Intel Ultrabook range - sales not making an impact yet on the market. In stark contrast the Apple Macbook Air is one of the companies biggest sellers.

Intel have been pushing the Ultrabook platform hard, working with many partners on creating a range of appealing, super slim, power efficient computers. It will be an even tougher blow for Intel as Apple have experienced great success with their MacBook Air computers, even before the Intel launch.

Kitguru says: Will Intel experience more success in the latter part of the year?

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