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Apple hope for peaceful iPad launch in China on July 20th

Apple will finally release the latest iPad in China on 20th July, targeting one of the largest markets in the world.

The new iPad has seen great success so far, in both Europe and America when it went on sale earlier this year. China is actually the second biggest market after America and it should continue to grow as Chinese citizens are earning bigger salaries every year. China accounted for $7.9 billion of Apple’s $39.2 billion sales in the fiscal second quarter, ending March 31st. Apple saw a triple growth since the same period a year earlier.

The launch in China will help Apple get their product to launch before both Google and Microsoft, who plan on launching later this year.

Apple do not want a repeat of the iPhone 4s launch in China. authorities had to break up crowds of angry customers

When the iPhone 4S was launched in China last year, there were scenes of violence, as customers who had been queuing for hours clashed with employees. They threw eggs at the store and shops had to be closed. The Authorities were called in to break up the angry crowd.

Apple have already said the iPad will be available for purchase by reservation at Apple retail stores. It will also be available at authorised resellers and the online Apple store.

Apple’s iPad is their second biggest selling product behind the iPhone, accounting for 17 percent of sales in the second quarter.

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