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Research In Motion Global sales chief steps down

Research In Motion have faced one of their toughest years in the company history and it seems that things just keep getting worse for them. Patrick Spence, their head of global sales is stepping down to take a leadership role at a different company.

A RIM spokeswoman said in email “Patrick will be taking on a leadership position in a different industry. The sales function will report directly into Kristian Tear, our newly appointed COO when he starts this summer. In the interim, the sales function will report to [CEO] Thorsten Heins.”

Patrick Spence: RIM global sales chief is moving elsewhere.

Spence, 37, has worked for Research In Motion now for 14 years and is the latest to leave. RIM have lost around 75% of their market share over the last year and it looks as if key executives are already abandoning the sinking ship.

In the last 18 months Spence took on a global sales role within RIM. He was classed as a highflier who got promoted through the ranks very quickly. He was one of three executive vice presidents under Mr. Heins.

Kitguru says: Another leader down. What next?

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  • Daniel

    Surely good news for RIM that the executives who have been trapped like rabbits in the headlights are all leaving. Who’d want to employ this loser, who was the sales chief during a 75% downturn? Anyone seen any good Blackberry marketing in the last few years?

    I know creatives who work at RIM, and every good idea they ever have is blocked by dinosaurs in suits, who’s blanket position is ‘Let’s do what Apple do, but we’ll do it badly and two years too late.’ Sack the board, pick up the infra-structure, differentiate in the market and RIM are back in the game. They need to start shedding bodies faster.

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