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Samsung heading for record profit results

Samsung said today that they are expecting record operating profit results for the third quarter. The company have been plagued this year with legal battles, losing over $1 billion to Apple in an American patent case. Samsung have appealed this ruling.

Samsung are still the world's largest smartphone maker and are expecting operating profit results between $7.09 billion and $7.45 billion US for the quarter ending September 30th.

The company are expecting sales between $46 million and $48 million for the third quarter, according to a regulatory filing. Samsung have been growing since the first quarter of 2011 and continue to hold Apple in second place in regards to smartphone sales. The Galaxy S III has been a huge seller for the company, appealing to a wide audience of tech savvy users.

Analysts claim that their smartphone shipments will continue to grow in the fourth quarter. The company are said to be worth $183 billion. Their results will be released later this month.

Kitguru says: Samsung are in a very healthy situation, although their legal battle with Apple continues.

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