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iPad Mini ‘renders’ hit the web

Many people are waiting on the rumoured Apple iPad Mini – the smaller, less expensive tablet set to target a wider audience. A graphic designer created a 3D CAD drawing and concept renderings of the possible appearance. While they may not be completely accurate they are certainly worth a look.

Source: Martin Hajek

Martin Hajek is the designer responsible for the renderings, and he previously came under the spotlight for his renders of the iPhone 5.

His renders of the iPad Mini are set in a similar style to the official Apple page layout, showing the products from side, rear, front views.

The top and bottom views show the new Apple Lightning connector, and a relocated speaker grill which was first seen in engineering samples earlier this year.

Hajek has also rendered his view of the Apple iPad Mini with a light blue colour and a black anodized aluminum shell, similar to the iPhone 5.

The latest rumours suggest that we won't have to wait too long to see the real iPad Mini, as apparently production has started.

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