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Teenager kills himself over online blackmail conversation

A 17 year old from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland has taken his own life after a Skype conversation with someone pretending to be a girl, the same age. Daniel Perry was the victim of a chat ‘hijack’.

According to newspaper reports, A gang hijacked his Skype chat and threatened to show the video to his family and friends, unless he paid them off.

daniel perry

Child welfare agencies are claiming that they are getting dozens of calls every week from suicidal children as young as 11, who are caught in a similar situation. The reports indicate that blackmailers are asking for naked pictures or strip teases, which they record. They then threaten to share the media with parents or other pupils in school. Mechanic Daniel Perry was told to place money in a specific account, or he would be ‘better off dead’.

Within an hour of the threat, he walked to the Forth Road Bridge and jumped to his death. Apparently the teenager was embarrassed and felt he had let everyone down. A source close to the family spoke to the Daily Mail, and you can read the conversation on this page.

The Daily Mail say that just before he killed himself, he asked blackmailers ‘what can I do to stop you showing this to my family?’.

When a lifeboat crew found his body later he was still alive, but died shortly afterwards.

This is the latest death in the news, after 14 year old Hannah Smith hanged herself in her bedroom after suffered months of abuse from trolls on the website Ask.fm.

Kitguru says: Another sad story, but they seem to be on the rise recently.

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