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Want an iPad 3? wait time still 1-2 weeks

It has been some time now since the iPad 3 launched and it looks as if Apple are still have problems getting enough quantity into the channel. The difference varies a little between the UK and USA, but the minimum wait time is still a week.

When orders were taken at the iPad 3 launch, the tablet had a 2-3 week delay and since then the time has only dropped a little as Apple continue to struggle to meet demand for their super high resolution tablet.

In America, the time after order is now 5-7 business days, which isn’t too bad. We know Apple are directing a high percentage of their production run to the US market, so we would expect this to continue to drop as demand is met.

In the United Kingdom, the wait time after order is 1-2 weeks, although we aren’t sure if this is factoring in non-working days. Still, it appears the wait time is slightly longer which would indicate that the higher percentage of tablet production is going to other countries. We know the iPad 3 is extremely popular in the UK market as well, which causes additional problems for Apple.

The highest resolution sub 10 inch tablet on the market today.

Apple continue to face problems with Retina panel supply, as we reported last week. Samsung are the primary supplier for many components in the iPad 3, including the Retina display, however Sharp and LG are now helping with small volume shipments to take the strain from Samsung.

Kitguru says: 1-2 weeks, not that long really. But Apple still won’t be happy until the orders can be fulfilled immediately.

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