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Wikileaks Julian Assange charged in US with ‘treason’

Julian Assange, the controversial founder of Wikileaks has been accused of treason by a Florida resident who is seeking damages for ‘distress’ caused by the site’s revelations about the US government.

The unhappy chap, otherwise known as David Pitchford, is a trailer park resident in Florida and he names Assange and Wikileaks as the defendants in a personal injury suit files with the Florida Southern District Court in Miami.

Julian Assange: Not a friend of US authorities

The complaint filed last week claims that Assange’s negligence caused ‘hypertension’, ‘depression’ and ‘living in fear of being stricken by another heart attack and/or stroke’ due to ‘living in fear of being on the brink of another nuclear WAR’. Call us callous, but we find the array of spelling mistakes in the complaint to be slightly amusing.

Incredibly the court filing stipulates that Pitchford is asking for $1.5 million in damages.

Can Pitchford be successful with this? We think not, because Sweden’s extradition treaty with the United States doesn’t allow him to be sent across for a civil suit. Life for Assange has not been pleasant recently and he is still under a lot of pressure from various countries. His lawyers said yesterday that Assange might face illegal rendition to the States and perhaps even execution if he is extradited to Sweden.

KitGuru says: $1.5 million? whatever next?

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