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LG release retro TV with old fashioned dials

Our younger readers may never have seen an old television set with ‘dials’, but LG are attempting to hit the nostalia button by releasing a new television with several of them next to the screen.

Their retro classic TV, model 32LN630R features a creamy white fascia with volume and channel knobs at the right.

LG say the television set is a nod back to the designs of the 1970’s with an emphasis on simplicity and modernity (is that even a word?). Thankfully they didn’t decide to opt for a cathode ray tube as the size and weight would have alienated a lot of people.

Inside, there is a true HD (1920×1080) LED panel, with a 178 degree viewing angle. It can also accept USB external hard drives and has Mobile High Definition (MHL) for connecting to a smartphone.

It will sell for around $750 and the company are throwing in a free coffee maker as a bonus.

Kitguru says: We don’t think this will prove that popular, but we could be wrong!

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