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BT raise prices again – but freeze them until 2013

BT are sure to be unpopular as they announce increasing charges for local calls, the second time this year.

According to an article on TechEye, resident customers will have to deal with a five percent increase on the 3rd of December. This means a 7.95p a minute charge to make a landline call. Line rental prices are also going to increase to £14.60 a month (an increase of 70p).

This is not the first rise in recent times for BT as they raised the cost of a landline call 10 percent just a year ago. This year they cranked it further, by another 9 percent in April 2011.

BT - rising prices, and making huge profits

As a way to limit the hostile reactions from customers, they are claiming that prices will now be frozen until 2013.

Customers are complaining that BT are just looking to boost income even further as they netted profits of £533 million in the three months running up to June 30th. They aren’t even close to breaking even.

BT say that many customers have reported falling costs because they had moved to specific package deals. Other customers have ditched the land lines completely, opting for a cut price mobile phone deal. For almost £15 a month, you can easily get a decent tariff with a mobile phone provider which includes calls and SMS messaging.

Kitguru says: Are you a happy (or unhappy) BT customer in the UK?

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