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Japanese gamers are still locked out of Playstation Network

The Playstation Network is back up and running for most countries, but the Japanese are still locked out, unable to get access to their accounts.

Japan is very strict when it comes to user security and the government have blocked a relaunch of the PSN until Sony can reassure the regulators that the security is much tighter and safe for their customers.

There are several ways to get access to the PSN network, either for the portal system for account related purchases and information or to play games online with friends and people in other parts of the world. Both of these are still locked out with Japanese gamers unable to game or purchase goodies.

Gamers in Europe and America have recently been given the ‘Welcome Back' package which includes free games and access to premium content. The 30 days free membership is an offer that is proving popular, and current subscribers will get 60 days free. Some games have been discounted in price as an added incentive.

There are mixed feelings about the Sony deals, with many people feeling that they haven't really done enough. UK gamers are also a little miffed that the free identity theft plan for up to $1 million coverage per person is only available for American gamers. Spare a thought for Japanese gamers who currently are still offline with no indication of a reboot time frame.

KitGuru says: You happy with Sony's latest free offers?

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