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LG sue Samsung over OLED patents

There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes past without some company seeking legal action on another, and today LG have decided to target Samsung, over claims of patent infringement.

The news which hit a couple of hours ago suggested that Samsung are infringing on an LG Display patents relating to organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens. They are seeking injunctions against Samsung on their tablets and smart phone products which use the aforementioned technologies. Samsung Display aren’t taking the claims lightly and they are planning to countersue.

Court papers were submitted to the Seoul Central District Court and LG Display say that Samsung are infringing on seven patents. These are related to five devices, the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 HD, Galaxy 3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Lee Bang Soo, LG Display’s senior vice president said `It’s too early to talk about expanding the requests for injunctions internationally. But yes, it’s certainly an option we could take. We aren’t expecting anything less than a sincere apology from Samsung.”

LG said in an emailed statement “Samsung has been using our patented OLED technologies without paying royalties. Then it spread rumors that LG Display has been failing to produce small-sized OLED screens used in mobile devices, which we thought was unacceptable and intolerable.”

Samsung have countered with this statement “Samsung is dominating the global market for OLEDs. Samsung owns the rights of some 5,000 OLED-related patents in Korea and 1,900 in the United States. LG Display just secured 800 patents in Korea and 600 in the U.S. The claim that Samsung infringed on LG Display’s technology doesn’t make any sense.”

Earlier this year 11 ex employees of Samsung Mobile were arrested and charged for leaking trade secrets regarding Samsung’s new 55 inch OLED television, to LG Display.

Kitguru says: Another battle looming ahead for Samsung, this time it isn’t Apple.

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