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LG taking $10,000 orders in Korea for 55 inch WRGB OLED TV

LG have said that they are taking pre-orders in Korea for their 55 inch WRGB OLED television set. Pre-orders have not yet been announced in other countries, but they are expected to roll out between now and April. Korean customers are expected to get their hands on the new set in February.

The new WRGB OLED set only measures 4 millimeters thick and weighs less than 22 lbs. LG are touting a ‘infinite contrast ratio' which means the contrast is consistent regardless of the viewing angle or the lighting in the room. Other technology includes a white sub pixel via LG's Four Colour Pixel.

LG have 1,400 retail stores in Korea and all of them will take preorders on January 3rd. The price is high, marked at 11 million Korean Won, translating to $10,000 USD.

LG President and CEO Havis Kwon said “We are extremely pleased to be able to make this announcement at the start of the new year because we believe that OLED will usher in a whole new era of home entertainment … When high definition TV was first introduced 15 years ago, the public’s reaction was ‘wow!’ but when customers see our razor-thin OLED TV for the first time, they’re left speechless.”

Kitguru says: We would imagine at this price  that sales will be limited to the hardcore high end users.

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