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Microsoft has iPad in their sights

The iPad may be one of the greater success stories in the last decade, but for Microsoft it is proving a royal pain in the side.

Microsoft are working closely with Intel to support their first tier vendors with the goal of decreasing the global market share of the iPad. Digitimes claim that the figures they are aiming for are under 50 percent, from the 70 percent today. All this by 2013.

When Apple first started developing the iPad computer they went to Intel to see if they could work out a deal for a low power, capable processor for the tablet. Intel were unable to deliver the chip they needed due to power demands and Apple turned to Samsung. The rest is history.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO: attacking Apple.

This however has caused a problem for Intel, as they are losing millions of sales in the mobile market, to Samsung. Samsung are second only to Intel in regards to chip production and many analysts feel that in the future Samsung will be surpassing them as the market leader, especially as the world turns to mobile computing, and battery life.

Microsoft are aware that Intel are only a small margin of the mobile market, and are therefore ensuring full ARM architecture support for their upcoming Windows 8 operating system.

We spoke with an insider a few hours ago who wanted to remain nameless. He told us “Have no doubt about it, Microsoft are gunning for Apple. The iPad is a daily reminder of just how much they have failed to successfully target the mobile space. Windows Phone 7 is a failure, and they need to make ground in the tablet sector. Apple are cleaning up and the market for billion dollar sales is eluding Microsoft.”

Kitguru says: Microsoft have a poor track record in the mobile sector, and Intel aren’t as strong as they would like to be either. Will this change in 2013?

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